Field Staff

Your industry is different from other industries.

Your business is also different from other businesses in your industry and your skills development needs are unique. Our team of industry experts, who possess the skills and knowledge relevant to your specific industry, are the people who can help you plan for and address your current and future workforce development needs.

Owen Smith:  [email protected] or  0400 912 650.

Tony McKinlay:  [email protected] or  0437 987 918.

Denise Colledge:  [email protected] or 0418 661 605.

Melinda Thomas: [email protected] or 0402 654 331.

Phil Duthoit: [email protected] or 0407 332 147.

Neville Bowden: [email protected] or 0409 207 450 

If you are unsure who to contact please call 1300 362 175 to discuss your specific requirements.