Under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) Standards for Registered Training Organsiations, assessment processes will be valid, reliable, flexible and fair. Judgements made by assessors to determine competence includes the assessment of evidence gathered from a range of sources, and using a variety of assessment methods.

Clear information about the assessment process and evidence requirements is provided and students are encouraged to participate in collecting evidence to support their own competence. Assessment processes provide for the recognition of competence no matter how, where or when it was acquired. Some modules/units of competency require a formal assessment to be completed. If you are unable to complete an assessment at the specified time because of circumstances beyond your control (e.g. illness), you must contact your trainer/teaching team.

Assessment Appeals

If you are not satisfied with the assessment process, or your assessment result, you may appeal the decision. Alternatively, please speak with your Unit Leader or trainer/teaching team for assistance.

Please note, an assessment appeal must be lodged with your Unit Leader within 10 days of being advised the outcome of your assessment, using the Assessment Appeals Form.

If you wish to appeal your assessment please read: Student Assessment Appeals Procedure.

If you wish to proceed please complete a Student Assessment Appeals Form.