Testing and Tagging

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A Statement of Attendance and a Certificate of Assessed Training.




At your workplace or at the Hobart, Alanvale and Burnie training facilities.


$300 per person. Course prices for single employer groups are negotiable.


12 hours.

Dates and times

2013 Dates

HOBART:   17 & 18 June; 22 & 23 July; 15 & 16 August; 16 & 17 September; 17 & 18 October and 14 & 15 November. 

ALANVALE:  11 &12 July  2013.. 2013 2....

BURNIE:   11 & 12 June and 1 & 2 October. 

For bookings and further information call 1300 362 175

This short course enables people to be trained in the inspection and testing of single phase electrical appliances as well as single and 3-phase extension cords. Equipment found to be in safe working order is then tagged to comply with current Australian Standards. This enables employers to meet duty of care obligations under current state legislation.

This course does not include testing of RCDs or the repair of appliances.

People with this qualification work in areas such as construction, manufacturing, mining, maintenance, equipment hire, accommodation and stores management.

Participants will learn:

  • About the units of voltage, current, resistance and power and their relationship to each other.
  • The methods that are used to reduce the risk of fire and electric shocks in electrical appliances.
  • About the effects of electric shock on the body.
  • To test electrical appliances, identify insulation resistance and earth continuity faults.
  • To apply the requirements of AS3760 to their workplace situation.